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Almere in The Netherlands

The name of our club is:
Vereniging van Postzegel Verzamelaars Almere or short V.P.V.A.

The club was founded on January 17th, 1979, which makes us just a bit younger than our city Almere, as the first 24 houses were ready on November 30, 1976. When our club was founded the city had almost 5000 inhabitants and currently the city of Almere has around 182.500 inhabitants of which around 205 are a member of our club.

We meet once a month on the third Monday evening and we have at least the following activities:

On our Internet site we offer information about our club with the possibility to become a member by the submission, electronicly, of an application form.
As mentioned above, we inform our members about the items that will be in the auction at the next meeting.

Three to four times a year we organize a "Postzegeldag Almere" (Stampday Almere) on a Saterday where everybody, who is interested in stamps, is welcome. We give free admission and offer the possibility to buy stamps from either members or semi-professional stamp traders or from the special 5-eurocent stockbooks that the club has available for these happenings.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to our site.

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